Passion Statement

Unity One Global (U1) aims to be the largest movement of people in human history, democratically working together to achieve meaningful change to tackle some of the biggest issues we face as humanity. U1 is a vehicle which connects and empowers people to easily fund, organize, change, and resolve significant global issues without depending, or expecting, individual governments, and corporate organizations, to solve social, environmental, and humanitarian problems. Our actions are rooted in unity, love, freedom, and unlimitedness.


U1 is building a new platform to bring people together globally to help address some of the most pressing issues we face in the world today. Through the U1 platform people across the world can micro-donate funds and volunteer their time to help the causes they care about most. The U1 platform integrates with social media networks and provides real-time updates on the progress of efforts.

In the next 10 years, U1 will set goals to work with already established organizations to help eradicate extreme poverty, provide clean water for everybody, ensure everybody has access to basic healthcare, disaster and humanitarian relief anywhere in the world within 24 hours, eradication of human rights abuses, basic education for everybody, significant reduction of food waste, reducing worldwide pollution, clean energy sources to slow down climate change, wildlife conservation to reverse the current 6th major mass extinction, and an explosion of social entrepreneurship, so the best and most innovative ideas get financed.

U1 is a US registered 501(c)(3) charity made up of individuals who want to make meaningful change. The organization does not accept financial donations from corporates and we target overhead expenses to be an average of 5% in the first 5 years.

The U1 Team

  • Clean Water

    Within 10 years, together we will help facilitate programs to ensure that every person in the world has access to clean water.

  • Poverty

    Within 10 years, where political conditions allow, we will help facilitate the eradication of extreme poverty worldwide and also significantly reduce global poverty, through trade partnerships, to create a platform for developing countries to grow their own economies and significantly increase the average wage per capita.

  • Medicine and Wellness

    Within 10 years, together we will help facilitate programs to ensure that globally every person has access to basic healthcare, and find a cure for cancer and make it available worldwide.

  • Humanitarian Relief

    Within 10 years, together we will help facilitate a worldwide agency that will provide disaster relief anywhere on the globe within 24 hours.

  • Pollution

    Within 10 years, together we will help facilitate programs to bring viable and sustainable solutions for clean energy and support projects which help reduce current pollution levels on land and in the oceans.

  • Human Rights

    Within 10 years, together we will help facilitate programs to support the total eradication of exploitation and discrimination of individuals and abuse of human rights, particularly those in vulnerable situations.

  • Education

    Within 10 years, together we will help facilitate programs to eliminate gender disparities in education and give equal access to all levels of education including vocational training.

  • Food Waste

    Within 10 years, together we will help facilitate the creation and support of programs to reduce global food waste by 50%.

  • Wildlife Conservation

    Within 10 years, together we will help facilitate programs to reverse the 6th major mass extinction of species which we are currently experiencing and protect the habitats in which they live.

  • Social Entrepreneurship

    Within 10 years, together we will help support innovative and breakthrough social entrepreneurship programs that support overall Unity One goals.

Unity One Q & A

  • What is the premise behind Unity One Global (U1)?

    Humanity is currently at a crossroads. Regional conflicts both military and economic, disproportionate consumption and even disappearance of access to the most basic human needs; food, water, and shelter. We face an ever increasing wave of humanitarian crises on a global level. This plague of fear and suffering threatens our survival. Our hearts cry out to help our brothers and sisters but we feel helpless to effect any real, lasting change. As we take a closer look at the traditional responses and programs employed to attend to these crises it is apparent that no matter how well intentioned and in some cases effective that the traditional approaches are not working, and frankly are unlikely to turn the tide. The two predominant sources in question are:

    • Governments – Some live in hope that the governments of the world will somehow unite and work towards resolving the threats and foundational problems of mankind. Sadly governments represent a consolidation of power and resources to a very small percentage of the population. This model may be essential for defense and broad scope decision making but the desire to represent their people or in the case of many unchecked world leaders consolidate wealth and power to themselves, shapes everything. Governments are also overwhelmed with local and national issues that limit their ability to provide a unified assault on global problems. Even the world’s most generous nation has difficulty when there are so many pressing issues to solve at home. If governments were the answer, to the shared global issues we face, we would be seeing meaningful positive change in all or most of these arenas where help is so desperately needed.

      This does not mean that governments don’t play an important role, they do. However, they simply cannot or in many cases will not play that most important role of driving this critical change.

    • Organizations and Charities – There are many amazing organizations across the world doing amazing work, making a real impact on people’s lives and in each of the environments we are addressing. However, the massive global problems we face cannot be solved when we have these organizations working in isolation and often fighting desperately to remain viable and garner the resources necessary to meet the needs they seek to address. There is little or no outside support. Creating a unified effort and a strategy which includes all of the best organizations is the future. Providing a resource/talent rich destination for the best practices to be exchanged and refined for the greater good multiplies the output of these courageous enterprises. There is great restorative power in engaging with those who share common core beliefs and work selflessly in the same mission field. You are not alone.

    The only option left, if we’re to solve these global issues which affect each and every one of us, is for the people of the world to unite and accept the responsibility for that “primary” role. Therefore, U1 is spearheading a movement to empower peoples from every corner of the world to bring about sustainable change with tangible results. Our unique approach allows each of us to be change agents by participating in massive global change. By targeting specific areas or projects for which we all are passionate; we can impact global change without leaving the comfort of our home. This is accomplished by creating large worldwide networks of people and uniting our platform with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. These methods will enable us to raise billions of dollars through micro-donations, for common social media activities like creating and liking posts. The U1 social media platform will also allow users to make micro-donations honoring everyday occurrences like birthdays, anniversaries, achievements, celebrations, etc. Users can then easily share these moments on Facebook and Twitter, encouraging and inspiring their friends to join this change movement as well.

  • What are examples of the global problems you plan on addressing?

    U1 has outlined 10 initial impact areas: clean water, poverty, healthcare, humanitarian relief, pollution, human rights, education, food waste, wildlife conservation, and social entrepreneurship.

  • How can such global problems be addressed?

    These global problems can only be addressed through all of us uniting and taking personal accountability for what matters most. We cannot relegate our individual responsibilities to governments and organizations, hoping they will fix it for us. If we are honest, we do not believe that is going to happen. We need a platform which allows each of us to unite and micro-donate something we can all afford. It will become effortless to spread the word and grow the movement by dovetailing with our existing social media habits; it becomes easy and sustainable. The U1 app/website provides the ability to literally raise billions of dollars. These dollars will help fund those efficient, productive and worthy organizations who have joined our coalition for mass global change. As the coalitions grow, and they’re funded through the people of earth, we create large global networks all aligned and working in unison towards our impact areas.

  • How will you plan to raise the vast amounts of money required to tackle global problems?

    One dollar at a time. From our app each of us can donate micro sums while engaged in our normal social media activities. For example, rather than simply starting a meaningful post on Facebook/Twitter, we can start the same post on our U1 app, make a micro-donation towards an impact area close to our heart, and then we can share it directly to Facebook/Twitter. Not only will this post look the same, but it will state that you made a valuable donation. This process can also be accomplished through Facebook ‘likes’. Additionally, the U1 platform will allow users to make micro-donations honoring everyday occurrences like birthdays, anniversaries, achievements, celebrations, etc. Users can then easily share these moments on Facebook and Twitter. As thousands, and then millions of people start adopting this new way of donating for global change they will encourage and inspire their friends to join this change movement. . As this movement grows, the magnitude of the change will become global, sustainable and as always pure. Imagine being able to watch lives changed through your actions.

  • How does the public know and keep up-to-date with the projects you’re working?

    Everything will be communicated via our app. Not only will U1 members be able to communicate among themselves, just like other social media, they will be inspired with regular straight forward communication from each impact area. As we unite and adopt projects, each project will have its own page, for users to follow. Finally, we have big plans to enhance our own media center, allowing all the very latest videos, articles, and live feeds to be easily accessed and shared across the world from the point of impact where the contributions are being realized.

  • Tell me a little bit about your current team setup and the team members you have?

    The U1 team is truly global, members are based far and wide from LA, New York, Chicago, Tampa, London, Paris, Munich, and Trivandrum (India). Our members are skilled in a variety of specialties. From software development to digital media, finance, legal, accounting, marketing…the list is long. Additionally, many of our members have worked in the business community with Fortune 500s and start-ups, while others have held meaningful roles with global organizations that have direct influence on our impact areas, such as the United Nations. As we go-live and our funding expands we anticipate growing our team significantly, not just adding U1 partner charities , but key staff of exceptional character with a desire to serve in support of this vast effort.

  • How much overhead expense to anticipate as an organization?

    Our goal is to achieve an annual average overhead of 5% (inc. credit card processing fees) over the first 5 years.

  • What is your mission statement?

    Unity One Global will be the largest movement of people in human history, democratically working together to achieve meaningful change by tackling some of the largest issues facing humanity.  Unity One is a vehicle which connects and empowers people to easily fund, organize, change, and resolve significant global issues without depending on , or expecting support from, governments, or other legacy organizations, to solve social, environmental, humanitarian problems.  Our actions are rooted in unlimited unity, love, and freedom.

  • How do you plan to work with corporate organizations?

    U1 will not accept any money from organizations. We believe that a united movement of people is our path and our obligation. U1 belongs to you. You decide what impact areas receive funding. Collectively we choose to impact lives. However, in the spirit of unity, we will never act in a way to ostracize or in any way negatively impact other organizations. We believe there are countless entities who will want to join our efforts. We will evaluate each potential partner on a case-by-case basis; only engaging with those organizations who are excellent corporate citizens, and align with our values. At that time we may consider accepting in-kind services (not money) which help U1. As always you will have full visibility to any organization we include in the U1 family. Finally, these potential partners will absolutely need to remain in good standing at all times throughout the partnership.

  • So, what happens next, what should our viewers do now?

    We need you to join U1 and start participating in change. Global change will only happen if we unite under the common flag of humanity. Our time on earth is fleeting and precious. That means all of us have limited years to make an impact before we leave this life. Is the current state of the planet what we want to bestow upon your children and loved ones? Do we really want to pass on the same problems we inherited from the previous generation? …or… Will you stand with us and be the change?

    We need you, and all your friends, to unite with us and take a stand for the sake of humanity. Imagine being able to look back in 10 years and see the incredible impact we had on people’s lives. We will have left a planet more worthy of the next generation.

  • How can others help this reach global status?

    Join the global movement and encourage your friends and family to come with you. This planet belongs to all of us and it’s up to us, individually and collectively, to take care of it and each other. The only way for our voices to be heard and to make a meaningful impact globally, is to join forces worldwide with Unity One and be the change.

  • Where can we find your website online and social media pages?

    • Search and download the ‘Unity One Global’ app from the App Store or Google Play.
    • Join on the web at www.UnityOne.global
  • What inspired you to start this organization? 

    I’m the same as you, someone who is tired of seeing the world the way it is, feeling unable to help, but desperately wanting change. Therefore, I started this movement, invited many friends to join, so we all can unite and empower ourselves to affect change. Our movement has already grown and we have many change agents. But we need many more. We need you.

  • How can I be confident that U1 will use my donation well?

    We recognize and understand that people are rightfully wary regarding charities in today’s environment of heightened concerns surrounding both the integrity and the competence of many organizations. Many charities accept considerable donations with little or no proactive communication to the donors. It is much more difficult to support a mission when unsure about the difference you are making in people’s lives.  U1 is different.  Yes, we are a registered United States 501(c)(3) charity with all of the legal and disclosure obligations that that entails. Our desire is for you to be able to claim your donations for tax purposes and have the full assurances provided by these charitable regulations. Our desire is not to become the conventional charity, but rather to enable a people’s movement to affect global change. We cannot depend on politicians and governments to address the critical issues which affect us all.

    Secondly, the U1 team is comprised of people very similar to you, with a shared burden of breaking the paradigms that have often limited even the best intentioned organizations.  We are not charity lifers, all are accomplished professionals in a multitude of fields. We are tired of accepting things as they are and have committed to a fresh, innovative, and eminently deliverable approach to solving global problems. Simply stated, our motivations are pure, and that is reflected in every fundamental of how U1 is structured and operates. The individual and collective reputations of the leadership represented are paramount. We will not allow any action by our team or any partner charity to jeopardize those reputations. At every juncture our foundational principal has been to develop and lead a movement which will be defined by the purity of intentions and the integrated practices of audit and evaluation When you join U1 you will clearly see every evidence of an incredibly transparent platform.  It is our belief that anything other than this pure and trustworthy mandate would fail. Our approach represents both a desire for moral ascendancy and a common sense approach to accomplishing the magnitude of sustained change to which we are committed.

    Finally, people are tired of making large donations to charities with little real confidence in the effectiveness of the stewardship of their donations. At U1 we are asking you to make micro-donations. Simply load your wallet for as little as $11.11, and you will be able to donate $1 at a time for the missions which speak to you.

    Change is never easy and this is a long journey we begin together.  We humbly and respectfully ask you to review our policies and then to allow us to continue to validate the trust you are placing in our team. Without anyone making a large contribution, we can grow together as we honor your trust in us.  U1 is a movement of people just like you. U1 is you. U1 belongs to you.  Where we go is in your hands. Join with us as we bring this audacious and incredible idea to the people of the world. We truly believe our approach allows everyone, even those from the humblest of means, to realize the joy of changing a life for good. We can create the largest movement of people in human history. Let’s work in unison to solve the biggest threats we face.  Something must be done. If not us, who? If not now, when?

    Join us as and let’s change the world.

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